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    The four-channel optical aggregometer AggRAM, is intended for carrying out research on platelet aggregation (collagen, epinephrine, ADP, arachidonic acid) and determining the von Willebrand factor.

    Semi-automatic 2-channel coagulometer Coatron C-2

    A new two-channel coagulometer based on the optical principle of measuring the time of clotting formation is intended for conducting classical coagulometric tests.

    Semi-automatic 1-channel coagulometer Coatron С-1 is a compact coagulometer with one optical channel and an LCD display designed for basic testing and is ideal for installation in small laboratories, private clinics with a small amount of analysis, intensive care units.

    "CoaDATA4001" - opto-mechanical analyzer. It is based on the clotting measurement method. The coagulometer has a memory that stores parameters for 15 methods, including calibration curves, allows you to enter data required for measurements from the keyboard and print ready results on the built-in thermal printer.

    Fully automated, productive, compact and very reliable analyzer with an open system for conducting studies of plasma hemostasis.