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We are pleased that you have purchased the Enraf-Nonius wooden treatment couch. This treatment couch is specially designed for the demands of the physical and manual therapist.
During development and production of this couch a great deal of care was put into the reliability, safety, ease of use and durability. It is important to read the following instructions carefully before using your treatment couch properly and safely.

The treatment couch for everyone. The large back section makes this couch a combination of adjustability and sitting comfort. You can change from lying face up to sitting without any need for the patient to get off. This makes this couch popular not only with physiotherapists, but also with medical practitioners and aestheticians. The Manumed Comfort offers them an unrivalled examination couch in their practice or studio.

Manumed Traction "Traction and treatment with the very same couch!"

ManuXelect "The space-saving, budget-friendly couch"

With the Manumed Optimal 2-section treatment couch you have the modern Manumed Optimal quality couch at your disposal. Robust in
appearance and simple to operate. Stable and durable.

Manumed Basic "High quality basic couch for examination and treatment"

ATMOS® Chairs (ATMOS MedizinTechnik, Germany) - Efficient workflow and design for optimal patient positioning.

Patient and doctor's chairs.