Obstetrics, gynecology and neonatology

Anesthesia and resuscitation

Disinfection and sterilization

Diagnostic equipment


Medical furniture


Physiotherapy and rehabilitation


Efficiency at hand

GF50 is the essential digital radiography system that offers performance, accuracy and efficiency. Auto-tracking reduces diagnostic time, so more patients can be served.  S-Detector™ and S-Vue™ deliver high image quality for more precise diagnoses.  In addition, GF50 simplifies operation with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.



Ultimate driving experience

Quality care with affordability Great to Care

GC70 offers you the choice to optimize your configuration according to your clinical needS -Detector™ and S-Vue™ deliver high image quality for more precise diagnoses. In addition, GC70 simplifies operation with auto-tracking, smart control and S-Guide, reducing diagnostic time and serving more patients.

Excellence without Excess

Premium ceiling digital radiography system GC85A provides incomparable low dose imaging experience and streamlining workflow saves more time to focus on improved patient care

Designed to fit you

GU60A increases productivity with an ergonomic design that allows higher patient throughput. The system improves image quality with innovative S-Detector™, S-Vue™ and Rotation-type Smart Stitching features. GU60A also supports efficient operation with Auto-positioning and Positioning Help.

3-step workflow 

GR40CW allows users to simplify their daily routines.

With GR40CW, workflow is three times faster than with CR systems.Reduce workflow steps, cost and time while increasing productivity.