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The InBody BAND 2 measures your body fat, muscle mass, and body fat percentage. With your baseline set, continuously taking the InBody Test allows you to monitor and track the changes in your body.

InBody Dial Body Composition Analyzer for Home Use is the balance between body fat and the muscles of your body, which is much more important than weight! (Libra will never be able to determine the composition of your body to deal with that only InDial)

InBody 120 - used to determine the composition of the human body and diagnose the condition of the body. Scales allow you to make measurements of the amount of fat, muscle mass and water in the body.

InBody S10 is a portable analyzer designed to determine body composition.

The new InBody 270 body composition analyzer is now more elegant than ever. Silhouette analyzer in the composition with clean lines and elements of premium design - provide a more versatile experience.

InBody 370S allows for a complete body composition analysis, including a comprehensive diagnosis of obesity and segmental analysis of muscle mass.

InBody 570 for use in medical institutions, fitness centers, at home. This analyzer is used to assess the composition of the human body and diagnose the condition of the body.

InBody 770 measures and analyzes body composition most deeply due to greater differentiation of body segments.